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The first season of America's Family Farmers is a proposed
13-episode 1-hour television series and national outreach educational
initiative hosted by Molly Gean. The series will introduce the farmers
in America who have begun to alter the agricultural and food landscape.
America's Family Farmers will move from farm to market to table while
teaching viewers interesting and unusual facts about produce, tips on
farming and gardening, and ending with exciting new recipes from
celebrity chefs as they incorporate the locally grown produce into their
dishes. We hope you enjoy this 12 minute preview.

Created by award-winning television producers Harry Wiland and Dale
Bell, Edens Lost & Found tells the story of inspired individuals in
cities across the country who are improving the quality of life and
public health through the restoration of their urban environment. It
highlights the importance of community involvement in finding creative
and lasting solutions to restore our great cities. Harry's Berries plays
a prominent role in a segment on Los Angeles' farmers' markets.

Fields looking West.

Fields looking North.

Strawberry Plant

Hot House




Sunset on the farm.